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If you're interested in trading ATCs with me by mail, please e-mail me.

Or come to a local (Victoria, B.C.) trading session - see links below.



Cards available for trade


Coming This Christmas Spider Lake Harbour Welcome
edition of 45   (MV Uchuck III,
Johnson St. Bridge, Victoria)
    open edition
The Stage of Construction Living Madonnari  



These cards were printed in editions of 18 each, and I have none left to trade.
Troglodyte Escape

9539 Going Home

Troglodyte Escape Physical Percussion Come Down on Friday


ATC Links


Good article at Opus Framing: and,

Dale Roberts' notice for trading sessions in Victoria, B.C.,


Also in Victoria:


Other ATC sites:


ATC e-mail list discussion group:

If you're up for 100-200 e-mails each week,






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