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gallery,  journal;

    or is that, blog?



Welcome and Hello.


thanks for the pic






Thanks for stopping by and hanging out a while.

Please make yourself at home, relax, and explore.





Better light the fire














I attempt to transcend the mundane here.

If I assist you in a similar pursuit,

if somehow I find out,

then I am greatly-












Eric, what kind of nonsense is that?  What are you talking about?  Give your head a shake.







Might as well... talk to myself.



Naw;  go put on a CD.





And quit talking to those people, and, and, let's get down and get into something real good.







I can do both.








Thanks for being here, you who have clicked and read your way 

here. Welcome to where I let my weirdness out of the bag.  Have a

wander;  I hope you can find something you enjoy.  



If you'd like to contact me, I'd like to hear from you!







Eric Porcher

Victoria,  British Columbia,  




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