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Monday, February 3, 2003


I published the original Commanding Sea page last week.  Now listening again tonight to Peter Gabriel's, Up CD, which was the CD I put on for my first time that day on my discman, while taking those pictures on the beach. It was a powerful musical and visual experience for me - the first-listen of a memorable CD.  I'm recalling again how that music so significantly coloured the theme of the visuals, and see now that I want to present and describe this CD to those who are interested, and to try to reflect on this page the sort of marriage of his music that day, with wind, light and the sea.



I'm not an objective critic of Peter Gabriel - I'll confess right here that he's a favourite of mine and that I believe he is a master musician.  He is one of very few people whose CD I would go straight-out and buy without first hearing one song.  Here is some of what this music met in my camera and in my head at the beach below Dallas Road on a windy day in Victoria, British Columbia,  Canada, on January 27, 2003.








Wonderful title, Up - fitting with his prior, So, and Us.  I'm looking forward, in hope and anticipation, to absorbing the connection between this title, and the content.  For he so challenges many emotions in this one. 



I'll quote some of Peter Gabriel's lyrics, which you  can read in their entirety at http://up.petergabriel.com/   Of course there're lots of good stuff there.   Buy the CD too, maybe...














The first track, Darkness, quite frightened me.  It's about fears - roaring and disrupting, yet,  hang in there to the song's end.  Superbly done!










"iím scared of swimming in the sea
dark shapes moving under me
every fear i swallow makes me small
inconsequential things occur
alarms are triggered 
memories stir
itís not the way it has to be..."

































"...when i allow it to be
thereís no control over me
i have my fears
but they do not have me..."













"...walking through the undergrowth, to the house in the woods
the deeper i go, the darker it gets
i peer through the window
knock at the door
and the monster i was
so afraid of
lies curled up on the floor
is curled up on the floor just like a baby boy 

i cry until i laugh"




my response...  - siren of triumph!

... but it's strong medicine.





















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