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Art Sites


Robert Cerins

Robert Cerins

Here is a beautiful, gentle, loving and musical soul
 whose art is a reflection of these things.



www.gobc.ca, and my listing there

Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria - www.cacgv.ca


ArtQuotes.net - Inspirational art quotes and fine artist portfolios. Also includes artist interviews and an art directory.
Inspirational art quotes and fine artists

the painterskeys.com community







Local Sites

Vancouver Island (and nearby locations across the water in Washington State)


Internet Tools


Change Detection - my favourite internet tool.  Let this site e-mail you whenever a website you're interested in is updated.



Google Maps

At Saanich Peninsula, between Victoria and Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

Port Renfrew

Or how about this?  (The city where I live)


This site is hosted by the fine folks at

Cinevision Multimedia Inc.





Trilok Gurtu



Ry Cooder

I can't find a page for him.  Can anyone tell me about one, or explain why he doesn't have one?




Bob Lefsetz Letter

Here's a man who is passionate about music.  He has loads of experience and lots to say.  Subscribe to his e-mails, but only if you're ready for up to about three lengthy e-mails almost daily.  Insights into the state of the music industry today, marketing and technology, and if you grew up in the sixties, you might enjoy his sentiments and CD reviews.  I do.


Worldbeat Canada

Worldbeat music reviews and interviews, top picks and downloads.  Also on TV and radio.





You made it here into Swine Hall.  Now it's time to go a little deeper...

Read Jeff Somers' brand of self-deprecating humour and wit in the e-zine,

The Inner Swine

Just a bit less polite than me, and way more funny. 
(My favourite is the 404 error page I found when I hit a bad link)





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