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Victoria's ICA Folkfest 2005

This year's series of concerts was a visual and musical feast and delight.











Pete Newman, Clarinet & Baritone Sax for,

Horace X  (UK)






On Victoria B.C.'s Inner Harbour, musicians local, and many coming from so far, alighted us in and on waves of peaceful, loving energy. 

Here at sea level, in languages not understood between us, there was understanding and elevation.











Oliver Mtukudzi  (Zimbabwe)











July 6
Adonis Puentes

CD release

(Cuba, now local)

Adonis Puentes


Fifteen photos





Without exception I encourage you to explore each of the links to these musicians' sites.  I will.



The Campbell Brothers (US)


Campbell Brothers







Moses Mayes   (Manitoba, Canada)


Moses Mayes                       











Hassan Hakmoun   (Morocco)



Hassan Hakmoun







         Musical Energy

                       (wallpaper size)





I want to see and hear this band again. 

Actually all of these musicians, I'd like to see again.





Many thanks to all those responsible for making these concerts happen.


The main Folkfest 2005 organizers:







Cheers to you,


And thanks for visiting here.


Eric Porcher

July 19, 2005





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Concert Photography


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