Swine Hall    
Why the name Swine Hall?



I know, it's a bit of an oxyconundrum.



Once upon a time there were people called Porkers.

(In England, I'm thinkin'.)

Occupation and family name.

Somewhere, through the course of history, the family name evolved into Porcher. 

But the legacy remains.

Ghosts of my ancestors be happy; welcome to Swine Hall. 

And... um,
please wipe yer boots at the door.


I get a really nice batch of Scottish Export Ale made. 

Ye might like it.





I suppose I could call it,

Gazelle Plains.


But it still has "plain" in it.

(How do you see it?)



Here at Swine Hall

the cup is half-full.


And you can take that as you will too.




Please have a wander about here.

I hope you see something.






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