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March, 2003



March 30
A fine Featured Swine   


March 26
ife is Good


People, ImagesWhy           The mouth is firmly shut tonight.


March 19
lortoschmeit in Baghdad


Musical Favourites


Some scans of a 2001 trip with Luc to a mountain overlooking the Juan de Fuca Strait.  And in case you didn't see them, I also posted (from the Luc page) our trip in 2002 to a Heli-logging operation at Sproat Lake. 


Updated Eric


I split some of the larger pages into multi-page sets.  Sorry for being inconsiderate to those with dial-up connections.  It's still a challenge though, choosing between  download-speed and image size and quality.  I would appreciate your continuing feedback.


More Images


New home page - too much waiting for the java cube to load


After a Party, (or, Moaning on Sunday) on Tangent


Images page - assorted ones not fitting squarely onto the other pages.


What's New page - 'cause your time is valuable.
Oh yeah - that's this page.




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