March 19, 2003




I'm rather awestruck, hearing that a person looked at this site yesterday, to see if there was some reaction to the grim 48-hour, final countdown announced the night before by Bush.


Yikes, and yikes.



Who am I to speak?




But then, who is Bush?


We're all people, equally-frail.











I can confirm one's lack of expectation here.









But what I can say, is that I was listening just now to Jimi Hendrix' song, 



from the CD, Voodoo Child - The Jimi Hendrix Collection.  
(It's a very powerful, hard-edged Blues song)




It arrested me, here at the side of the Trans Canada Highway.  


The musically-performed sound of a machine gun...




I have no idea what his lyrics were saying, but I am stopped-cold by the sound of the gun.






What is more brutal?





Stop me.




Stop it.












I won't comment politically - I don't know.












Just came out of Costco.              (Yeah, "Is that all I do?")



At every TV there, people at-attention, viewing tense news of Bush, Americans and Iraq.



Looks so very quiet and tense in Baghdad.





I hope his victory justifies the terror.



I don't know.





And his losses, who can count?










Well OKAY, 

but you didn't pay anything

to get here to hear this!








You're always invited,

and never required.




Oops - that can be extra-misunderstood.


Always invited,

never expected?




I know how easy it is for
you to click, and to never return.


I rely on that - you having that freedom.



Poof - yergone!

and that's ok!

No it's not!

Don't go away - just feel free.






I won't comment politically - I don't know.





No, I wasn't drinking and driving.







Ronnie Earl is one of the finest Blues Guitarists I know.



Yep, that's a bit of a tangent.  It was playing, and I had to say it.




When I get home, I'll call this page, Blortoschmeit in Baghdad.


To the tunes of Blues XI









Now home.   The attack on Iraq has begun.









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