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Created: April 18, 2003   Last updated: September 23, 2003

Swine Hall





older, unfinished pages.

Then hopefully I'll go back and work on some


hoping to assemble something of this.

Home again, with breakfast at the computer,














                   take a deep breath,


              "Turn off the light,



which is track seven from the CD, MCMXC a.D.

"Back To The Rivers of Belief",

Listening to more Enigma,





as an obsession treatment.


I will receive this gratefully,




No camera huh?       Yikes.







It's amazing.


Colours,     and light;






playing alongside the ocean.

These golfers must (I hope) feel very privileged,






and some words piled up.


I have many pictures to edit at home,


Oh well, even if the camera's out for a bit,





I'm a visual kind of guy.






This is so unlike accounting.







I love this place.


Everywhere else is unique too, but,


Victoria is such a beautiful, unique place.













Feel kinda neckid without it.















Push all I want, it ain't clickin'!











Now the camera won't take a picture!


























Nope.  Doin' fine.


But am I down and depressed?



I guess.


These are negative things,




My eyesight is slowly deteriorating a bit.





The crows seem to be having an unpleasant little war.




Hurts to get into and out of the truck.


Getting a sore back today and yesterday.






















No worries Eric.


Running out of paper.








How bizarre is that?


to compress or relay every wonderful experience into a web page.

I feel a pressure (from within myself)





We write backwards here.
I am Canadian.
Yes, our good neighbours.
are the American Olympic Mountains.
and the mountains across the Juan de Fuca Strait
this is one of the southern-most points in Canada,
If you don't live in Victoria,



This morning, heading South instead of North.

except when I'm driving to work.

Morning light - a rare treat for me,



It's Good Friday.


at 8:30AM.

and now I'm on Dallas Road (Victoria, B.C. Canada)

was asleep by 11 last night,

Believe it or not, night-person here






The Day Started Going Forward

April 18, 2003