Dec. 9, 2002

Someone stole a bunch of Christmas lights last night!



What is that??    About 20 bulbs - all the ones down by the sidewalk.  Fine way to start a Monday morning.



Who steals Christmas lights??



What is that?



How does one respond to that?





Ok.   Right.   Steal my Christmas lights.


What were they for?     So,  um,   yeah - I guess, come back tomorrow or so, and I'll have some more out for you.   Yeah.


I'm tempted to laugh.



January 25, 2003  Follow-up

Well, we put more lights out, and a few days later some of them went missing too.

Maybe we'll never know just what those lights accomplished.  But we managed to enjoy our Christmas, and I hope that...  what?  What do I hope?  I hope that every one of those bulbs succeeded in enhancing someone's life.






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