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August 25, 2005

On seeing beyond

      Troglodyte Escape







To my kids

05 05 05






  March 15, 2005

  On Defying Gravity






January, 2005


    A collection of one year of thoughts and images

dancing to and from a 

        wondrous theme

                        Documenting Love






The beauty of the world has two edges,
one of laughter, one of anguish,
cutting the heart asunder.  

--Virginia Wolf 






December 30, 2004

And a small update           

about a very large number





Teenage Arrest

September 28, 2004






December 14, 2003

Where are the Lights?





October 17

How much is too much?








Sure as Not

September 23, 2003





Why they call 'em She

Sept. 15, 2003





Nothing, and Everything

Sept. 11, 2003





May 25, '03

Head Noise at Sunset

Bit o' head noise at sunset tonight

(how can you tell a woman was up there somewhere?)





May 5, 2003






April 18

The day started going forward





April 9, 2003

Why Not?





April 2


Words want

Pictures can






Life is Good




Blortoschmeit in Baghdad

WARNING:  Raw and careless, but honest.

(I'm thinking of suing my publisher and editor,
who were in no condition
to thrash-through and issue my good work.










March 2, 2002

After a party





Feb. 12, 2003

Spot the Top








The Rugged Path


Feb. 3, 2003

Peter Gabriel's, Up, 
at  The Commanding Sea







Jan. 25, 2003

Slide Reel No. 4 - 1976 to 1979

This high school graduate's
friends, fun, and struggle to work.

This is a celebration of life.
Check it out.







Jan. 3, 2003    Gas Station Bathroom
                                    (Testing the new lens)
                                                       (includes some 1978 flashbacks)

And (outside the gas station bathroom) 
I'm calling this one, Worshipping The Light.



Dec. 30, 2002  Thanks, from the ceiling





Christmas Greeting




Dec. 15, 2002  Smiling



Dec. 9, 2002    Someone stole the *!?#! Christmas lights! 





"I'm going up to Cobble Hill tonight to see   

Alpha YaYa Diallo..."



Reckoning with death   



Beauty in Moonlight    August, 2002


I bought a camera from Big Ed



Going waaayyyy off on a tangent with this one:
What is Masculinity?  An adventure in music




And a bit of history, pre-dating the creation of this web by a year and three months.

On September 11, 2001, driving home from work, without commitments for the evening, I was able to let the emotions of the day run their course.  After seeing some skid marks I'd driven past several times on the Pat Bay Highway, I stopped and wrote in my journal at the side of the road.  I soon realized that I was writing a letter - one that was important to me.  

To this day I squirm at the thought of sending it.  I think I made about 35 people quite uncomfortable.  I can recall my discomfort at any moment to this day.  At the time, I knew that it was one of those partially-crazy things to do, yet I also knew after writing it, that if I didn't follow through and send it that I would leave myself with some internal, structural damage.

I couldn't send it to to everyone I wanted to at the time.  But now, if you're reading this and weren't on my email list back then, please include yourself, and be made uncomfortable.

So here's the email, sent at 1:43AM, September 12, 2001.   The Subject was, "Sorry, can't name this one right now."






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