Where are the lights?




Stolen moment

Song leads wet hands to a pen



Cry for peace

life, light and truth


The whirlpool to Christmas is a frightful

short time remaining,

Tasks, trials leave me failing


I fail



So much

Leaves so little

And those about whom I care so much,

get nothing, or worse


Where are you?


Ragged mind

knows not to stop



Where are you?



I cry for peace,

for the blessing of those

about whom I care so much

In stillness


Where are you?


Stillness and light,

give me eyes to see.


How will it happen?
What will it bring?

It must be sweet
But can we make it?



Turn my heart

to quiet boldness


Get some sleep, get it done
Do it now, time is short.

The day is coming, today has passed
What to do?  Get it now.



Give me eyes to see

only love

And leave those things

to care for themselves


Sweet peace,

When I find it

Will bring me to you



Nectar, sweetness, let me give

Let things fall away


Sweet smiles stop to say.

Hearts coming our way









Swine Hall

Written December 14, 2003   Last updated: December 15, 2003

2003 Eric Porcher - All rights reserved.