On Defying Gravity

March 15

Tuesday, 8PM





Many words are unfinished and are insufficient;



I carry them around in 

a pocket

until it is too full.








Many tasks are incomplete.










life     lives.









There comes, and

then there comes 


a stopping, and  devastating










  Horrors,    and  abhorrence.















And along comes life.





It is relentless,




and cannot be stopped;




this LIFE






Even coinciding gravity,



there is an all-powerful life,



overcoming all.













On the same street where fear and grief reside,




is beauty, and laughter.













I love life,




and sometimes I am afraid.


































The piglights are on here tanight!















May I impose on you so much,


as to suggest

that you



light  for  yourself


a candle









Peace, light and laughter to you today.











When I originally completed this page I was unable to find a better title than "March 15."

I followed it with an appeal for better name ideas.

Noella LeDrew (www.noellaledrew.com) kindly contributed "On Defying Gravity."

I like it. 

Thanks Noella.





Life is relentless.

I love it.





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Page created: March 15, 2005
Updated: August 28, 2005