Friday, Aug. 29, 10:30PM

There are things that pictures can't be relied-upon to say.





Monday, Sept. 22, 7:50PM

Yeah but written words - mine - aren't too reliable either!

[ For example, how can I communicate a good laugh here? ]

I'm laughing about the errant directions some of my words have taken in some of your minds!   I'm hoping we've survived the misunderstandings so far, and at the moment I'm laughing.



But then, who needs miscommunication, when one has enough pure content to bugger everything on its own?



Ah well, all is well;  people are great!  I am so thankful for my friends, Near and Far.









I'd like to set up a message board somewhere here -

one of those feedback pages;

so you could demonstrate how confused you are.


But I'm too cheap.  The one I want costs, so I'm still looking.








Ok, I need a picture.







How about this?





I know a guy named Tracey, who has one of my favourite laughs.  I'm imagining it with this seagull.

How about trying your favourite laugh on him?













Swine Hall

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