Teenage Arrest


Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004
Full moon?
Can't sleep.
Home from work, sick.


Maybe nineteen

at friends'

in James Bay.



A midnight stilt;

we would walk on them across the park.

But tonight,

across the road.




uncontainable teen,

no end, forever.



Old narrow road,

centre line on hump

above two curbs.



Exiting teens, and beer

three-foot stilts, laughing;




A few long steps

slippery slope

wood departing



O'er the centre line


would be flying

but can't.



The intimate face of the curb opposing

my face arriving

hands, feet and knees

Stopping, stop, stop, stop!





at forty six I am thankful;

(two young teens of my own, if there is such a thing)

I am thankful.



My friends, we survived

no longer immortal

but alive.



For seeing

the face of concrete,

and surviving,

I am thankful.











What was on the other side?






Swine Hall


Created: September 28, 2004   Last updated: September 28, 2004

2004 Eric Porcher - All rights reserved.

Simcoe and St. Andrews,
Victoria, B.C. Canada