side o' the road

April 9, 2003




I search for beauty



Why not?









Just looked up, and out of the truck, across the street,
 and took a picture of a little fruit-like tree
 under an Edward Jones sign.


















Sometimes it's easier to find or to see.






Out of this mouth comes stupid stuff sometimes.




But,  I'm going to keep writing.



People are beautiful.


No, rather:  

Because people are beautiful.






Sometimes I get serious in photography.  

I'm working on a collection of photos, but they're not coming together as quickly as I'd like to be posting things here.



Mom interrogated me.  Always encouraging and believing she is,
but she enquired if I'm losing it.


I love you, Mom.


My answer?


I tried to say that no, I'm pretty sure that I'm not.

But then,

I don't know what will be tomorrow.  I may be dead.


If dead or nuts I must be, so be it, but I hope not.  


I am quite in love with life.


And if I can leave some kind of residue of that, then I will do so.




So, I'm going to continue living life, 

experiencing and enjoying it as much as possible,

while somehow sharing it with others,

in the best ways I know.



And (getting back to photography) sometimes that means 

that in the name of frequency, I add some of these photos, 

out of the impulse to share a moment - this moment - with you.























Mount Newton Cross Road
one of my favourite places right now




across the street...











Just enjoyed Pauline's CD,

by, Cheikh Lô

called, Né La Thiass

- good gentle African stuff!



and, Gerry's Mistic Myx tape.   Thanks again man.  It's like going home.


What a blessing to have enjoyed these.





Stewart, thank you

for your encouragement.






Andnowhowbizarre - lostmyinternetaccessfromfridaynightuntiltuesdaynight, 
and now have this CD, from Stewart, before I was able to upload the above.




















Yes, that's a copy of a new painting by Stewart Boutilier, 
based on one of my (our) all-time favourite places and experiences.





[imagine broadly-smiling eric here]















I search for beauty



Why not?








Swine Hall

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