Photographic art
and unsolicited
musical tribute

by Eric Porcher

From Victoria, B.C.,
construction sites including,

Shutters, spa and residences.

Inspired by the music of
Trilok Gurtu


Photography text and web design,

Eric Porcher

September 22, 2005   
Last updated February 25, 2006





Construction card      



A visual tribute

to the work of people's hands,

and to the musical work of Trilok Gurtu.




For several months I have photographed my view of the Shutters construction site in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

My photographic art is born out of music.  This view came to me along with the incredible music of Trilok Gurtu. 

This project began for me with the CD, The Trilok Gurtu Collection.  Within a few hours of exploration the images and music seemed to unite, focusing particularly on the song Bad Boys.

Here is my expression of what I see and hear.







I'm trying to find the easiest way for you to play the song
 Bad Boys while viewing this page.

So far the only authorized online audio I've found is a short sample at various sites.

One of them is here.

I'm hoping for a better solution.









Rhythm, structure, balance, power:

this is the music of Trilok Gurtu.






















The Stage of Construction


Doing this one was
kind of like being an accountant.

I almost called it
Making a Budget,
Silent Helicopters
  The Stage of Construction (And)






9601 In the Shadow









The song, Bad Boys,
it's a bit like looking up at a tight rope;
There's a mystery and a magic to it.
It's bright, and reminds me of the sky.


All the while, Trilok Gurtu's percussion
is geometry and beautiful structure in music.








This place seems masculine.







Shown at the

Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria's

Look 2006 Show

February 10 to 26, 2006





Along with



Currently at the Greater Victoria Public Library
entrance window.



And here on my (gradient) wall.


Her Inspiration































9539 Going Home

Come Down on Friday


After the crane operators descended,

I felt an empty stillness around the site,

and it was time to go home.




















I need help with naming this one.





Two Crane Sunrise, 9768










You know that if you're with
Trilok Gurtu
that you're going
to be on-time for something.
























To anyone who likes   
geometric shapes, light,

power, balance,           
engineering and architecture,

this place is like heaven.










Now we look just across the
harbour and find another piece of
construction, related here in the
context of geometry, intervals
and soul, this one under
construction in 1900.


Physical Percussion

Physical Percussion

502 Pembroke St.
Victoria, B.C.
Working on a page for this location,
the Rock Bay Remediation Project.





About the music


I'm playing it on my CD player (and have been for days) but it's not  in my hands to provide it to you here on the net.  So for now I'll do the best I can to recommend it and to provide the easiest access between you and the musicians.


Bad Boys    8:38

Written by the keyboard player, Andy Emler

CD: The Trilok Gurtu Collection
track 4

Trilok Gurtu: Drums, Tabla, Percussion
Bill Evans: Soprano Saxophone
Mark Feldman: Violin
David Gilmore: Guitar, Voice
Andy Emler: Piano, Synthesizer, Voice
Chris Minh Doky: Bass, Voice

Produced by Trilok Gurtu with Kurt Renker & Walter Quintus
Recorded by Walter Quintus with Cedric Beatty at Stadtgarten, Cologne, October 1995
Mixed by Walter Quintus at Ztudio Zerkall, Germany
Published by Silvascreen Music

Originally Released on: Trilok Gurtu "Bad Habits Die Hard" CMP 80












If you want another track to follow-up Bad Boys,
one that follows-on to the context of this page, try,


Really, it does belong with the previous song, as it is on this CD, tracks four and five.

In this song Trilok Gurtu is far more prominent in the mix, than he is in Bad Boys.  Alongside David Gilmore's grand and loud guitar they make a song possibly good for getting you out of your chair for some fun.  Here is rock, funk and jazz, and it is great.  You cannot tell me that there is better drumming than this.



Well okay, tell me what you want. 

Tell me anything!  (I'm smiling.)


Anyway, the song is Believe, by Trilok Gurtu,

and I have it on the CD The Trilok Gurtu Collection

(I'm not selling it - I'm just telling you about it.)


There's a sample of the song at:

(At Silva Screen Records' site)


The song was originally released on the Trilok Gurtu CD,




Beware of lesser-quality online copies (like the one above) that float around on the net.

You're listening to a man well-endowed with cymbals, and things that cheap audio copies destroy.  Even here with my CD player and subwoofer, I'm thinkin' that seeing him live is an even better option.




One of Two Cranes






I guess you never know

when someone might be finding beauty

in your work.







February 25, 2006





Eric Porcher's   Trilok Gurtu page

with yet more images, and an independent tribute

to an amazing musician.















2005 Eric Porcher  

Page created: September 22, 2005
Updated: February 25, 2006