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If you love rhythms, drums and the finest percussion,

passion, power, and  beauty,

and Indian-influenced jazz-rock fusion,


then you must hear Trilok Gurtu.

Trilok Gurtu


The man raises these things to a higher level.






An independent review

by Eric Porcher

Images of Trilok Gurtu
supplied at his website.






Gurtu is as powerful and precise as a machine,

but passion and soul make his music human.




E. Porcher, Over and Out

Eric Porcher
Over and Out



His concert here in Victoria in about 1991 with the John McLaughlin Trio

fantastic.  I still dream of it.


The way the three musicians communicated

between themselves,

and dwelled in music

with us 





Check him out.




Check out this discography,

then look at the more exhaustive discography.

What a huge output.


In case you don't know where to begin

with all of these choices,

here are the CDs I have, and some track listings,

all of which I recommend.

(I will place them in my current order.)




(When will Broken Rhythms be released in North America?)  I want it!

But have a listen online to:

2, KABIR - Listen (mp3)
6 VIGNOLA - Listen (mp3)

at  http://www.trilokgurtu.net/new_release.htm


If you want to find some masculine music,
try the following two CDs:


Trilok Gurtu, The Beat of Love

I like the combination in this CD of
the feminine and masculine.

2,  A friend; with Angelique Kidjo

7,  Ingoma 

8,  Tuhe;  This song is on my list of top-two masculine songs, although I have not seen a translation of the lyrics.

11, Peace of the Five Elements


Trilok Gurtu, Remembrance

3, Witness to Marriage;  The other song on my list of top-two masculine songs.

10, Worship


Trilok Gurtu, African Fantasy

3, African Fantasy, with Angelique Kidjo
11, Big Brother Reprise

Trilok Gurtu, Izzat, The Remix Album

(disc 2, track 3: Protector)

track 9, Carlinhos (live)
Listen here at the end of the track, to the rhythm in Trilok Gurtu's speaking, as he acknowledges his band members, sound crew and his applauding audience.





Take a look at


for my visual tribute to the following music.


The Trilok Gurtu Collection,

Trilok Gurtu Collection


4, Bad Boys (originally released on Trilok Gurtu, Bad Habits Die Hard)


It's one of those live jazz things,
that I listen to in amazement,

only to find when it ends,
applause leaves me speechless
that it was performed live.


Followed by the incredibly energetic funk rock jazz,

5. Believe








We make bridges, not barriers"

 says Gurtu.

"This is what the world requires."






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Goose Bumps - a good site dedicated to Trilok Gurtu






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