- skid marks leaving the road,
      - shipwrecks,
         - and pirates.
What starts to be journal-writing at the side of the road,
later becomes something sent...
Sept. 11/01
8PM or so,
World Trade Centre
Twin towers
completely destroyed today.
Horrific Plane hi-jacking and destruction.
Laughably overdone, if in
a Hollywood movie.
Tremendous planning and execution!
and hideous!
Brahms' Symphony #1 in C minor
(from Lucas, for a birthday)
Such beautiful music!   (track 2 - 7:15)
What contrasts.
on my way home from work, on Central Saanich Road.
... hazards...
I feel like talking,
       to people I'm fond of;
            Out of need and fear,
            and out of love and strength.
Talking of life's troubles,
             horrific troubles,
                          ... yet beauty remains.
I'm going to get too tired or chicken to send this later!   No!
                             OK!  Call me crazy!
                             I'll take that,    with a smile.
Ok, gettin' to the point here...
Should I meet some unlucky fate,
              I want some people to know I cared for them.
                                   Oh, that none of you will get on the wrong plane.
                              Oh, that I might not lose the courage to send
                                   this when I get home!
back to the early demise thing...
             - For some, a quick and hearty, smiling wave,
             - And some a slow, solemn, smiling wave.
                           And for some,
                                    a hug, 
                                    longer and deeper than any other.
( I'm likely stepping WAY inside the space of yours,
I'd usually be more respectful and fearful of.
Don't worry - I'll be alright;
I trust you and I will recover from this.
I'm 42
And old enough to write.
I don't know - it meant something to me earlier, when I wrote it.
(This was one of those once-in-twenty-years sort of times for me, tonight;
if that's any consolation to you)
You know,
There's an expression I like,
that remains with me from the Christian Church...
May the Lord bless you and keep you,
May the Lord smile upon you, and be gracious unto you;
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
And give you His peace.
Or something like that.
Ok, I've likely said way more than you're comfortable with.     Now, having re-written it, I'm not very comfortable sending it either. 
But I must!             
       I won't be able to face myself tomorrow if I don't.
- that's the bottom line for me.
I saw difficult triggers pulled today - at least for anyone who wants to preserve his or her own life.   Interesting for me now, that this is a difficult trigger to pull.
I think many or most of us were rather profoundly affected by today's events.
I now feel differently about the things which are important to me.
Keep your candle burning.
Ok, tell you what...     just keep this for a rainy day, like, in a file named, "for when Eric Porcher gets hit by a tru...  an airplane."       On that day you can read it and know that you were important to me.    Until then...   sorry...   I don't really know what to suggest you do about it.    But I have to send it.       Aughhhh, here goes....!







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