after a party

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March 2, 2003




up at the crack of noon



Echoes of beautiful voices, laughter and song



in the silence




Silence is good


and sometimes not wanted













singing along, inside

Beloved people


Big smile






Get up Eric





Costco parking lot






Ride man, ride





Well this CD from the library, that I'm hearing for the first time, is getting me going.  

It's called So La Li, by Sabah Habas Mustapha & the Jugala All Stars.

That's one band o' freakin' musicians!  Somewhat Indonesian.  Hey, party music!




drove on, and found...




A Giant Mud Puddle!

Just what I needed.    



[Well here it is now, Wednesday evening, three days later.
Picked up the picture CD, and I'm in a rather different 
frame of mind, listening to some boppin' jazz (#6), and
trying to extract something out of these pictures.  












It was this pipeline-in-progress that caught my eye,
and took me off the road to try for a picture.  











































I'm kind of laughing at myself now, or at least the guy we were on Sunday.


Cheer up man!


But no, 'we' felt very much like just 'me' then.




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