Four o'clock AM, 
August 25, 2002

I awoke for some unknown reason. The kids and I are happily sleeping on the floor, below an open window in the beautiful home of my cousin Trent Baumbach. He, Karen and Heidi have treated us like kings here and we have had so much fun.

I rolled over to see the light of a full moon shining on the face of Genevieve, my beloved daughter. She lay with the stillness of sleep, her face with a rare, complete relaxation. I saw in the moonlight such beauty, so independent of any makeup or jewelry.

We are given so much in life - things for which we didn't even ask. We are responsible for these. We are - I am - so fortunate.

She began to speak:

"Um... you know what?"

She exhaled, and rolled to her side.

Goodnight, sweet thing.










Swine Hall

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Created: Dec. 2002   Last updated: November 23, 2003