March 26, 2003


I'm itching to write something again, one week of embarrassment and disappointment gone by.  I'm learning, and have an infinite amount of that yet to find.

I've written many pages in my journal in the last few days, and have taken  many pictures, and have had swinependous okay the spell checker chokes on that one experiences in the last several days.   But I'm choking on getting it all on here.  






I'm sorry to have (I think) disappointed several people in what I e-mailed to them last week.  I disappointed myself.   But at least my more-apparent shortcomings suggest to me, awareness to be broadened and deepened, and values and beliefs to be clarified.  

While I'm not keen on making this a political forum, one thing I will say, is that war is a tragic failure.



I'm going to zip it now, before I do it again.  But please know that, in my opinion,



Life is good

and I'm workin' on it.

















I found these on my way home from work last week, the day after the fighting started











we are a community







and we appear in different forms









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