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Eric Porcher, Sidney Fine Art Show poster


Living Madonnari

Sidney Fine Art Show, 2005





Spider Lake

Sidney Fine Art Show, 2005



July 25

I have two images accepted this year to the Sooke Fine Arts Show.  The two images are part of a larger series called A Battle Against the Elements, which I hope to show soon.  They are from maritime settings, and explore the wondrous beauty which might be found preceding the passing from this life to the next.  The two are called Letting Go and Glory Pre-departure

The Sooke Fine Arts Show runs from July 30 to August 7.







In Concert Photography,

Victoria ICA Folkfest 2005






The Majesty of Trees

June 23, 2005






The Road







January, 2005


    A collection of one year of thoughts and images

dancing to and from a 

        wondrous theme

                        Documenting Love










Where She Is


Where She Is

Sidney Fine Art Show
October 15, 2004













showing at
Artist's Corner, at the Greater Victoria Public Library

Sooke Fine Arts Show







The Local Fair





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Piece on Skis

Piece on Skis


Mount Washington, December 2003

This was going to be Peace on Skis
until I began seeing animals and
witches riding backward on fish









Rainfall Record                           Rainfall Record











The Breakwater














Harbouring Canadians


I Am Canadian













Head Noise at Sunset                                

   Head Noise at Sunset                    







June 2, 2003

Organic truck


Organic Truck t2a









Fan Tan Alley



Fan Tan Alley


The Normandie
Cook and Balmoral

















Wet and Green







A picture is worth a...    

Lots of words brewing but bottled-up here;

This is quicker






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