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This page is a collection of thoughts, often written at the side of a road,

over a period of years. Please forgive the lack of continuity.




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June 16, 2005

(Side of the road)



This is my attempt 


to receive and to interpret


the view of and from my life.





I will perceive,

reflect, and display.









It is my attempt to try to catch,

like with a butterfly net,

glimpses of life, and the beautiful world in which I live.





Whether this generates an income or not,

to some extent I will do it,

and I will be glad.




There is beauty in the world.





Greetings to you this evening.










December 2004:


To leave images

for my children

and for loved ones, all

for you.




On Eric Porcher, Photographic Art, October 2004:


Photography, and the displaying thereof on places like this, is a hobby of mine.  I believe that each of us bears a license to stop and to record, to enjoy the view, and to participate in it, and to leave a record of it, when one has the tools to do so.  

In the grand economy of the universe, I shall find the extent to which there is an invitation for me to present these things.  I am at peace with the various outcomes that I have imagined.

I enjoy what I do very much.  If I can somehow benefit you, my joy will grow.




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